Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Wait

I know our buddy told us that Perfection takes time honey! But I never expected to wait this long. One thing I've been doing to survive this long wait is by watching old videos of our tormentor. I have not been playing NANA games......it's a random thing so what good are our spreadsheets, it's still random right? Well back to the old videos, a good place to watch them is www.youtube.com And and even better one is to look for kok4clay's videos. One of those videos inspired this graphic...and it caused me to track down the lyrics to this BeeGee's song.

Lonely Days

Good morning mister sunshine,
you brighten up my day. He does indeed brighten up my day!

Come sit beside me in your way.
I see you every morning, outside the restaurants,

Lonely days, lonely nights. Where would I be without my woman?
Lonely days, lonely nights. Where would I be without my woman?

Good morning mister sunshine, you brighten up my day.
Come sit beside me in your way.

Lonely days, lonely nights. Where would I be without my woman?
Lonely days, lonely nights. Where would I be without my woman?

Visit kok4clay on you tube for more vivid memories.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Pure Genius

Pure genius……just pure genius! That’s what my husband said on viewing the Aiken/Sandecki clip for the 10th time or so. The clip amazes him and he really surprised me with the genius quote.

I think Clay's new stylist is a genius as well!

He doesn’t follow the boards but he does enjoy Clay’s music and he’s attended some of the concerts with me. Other than that he pretty much watches in disbelief as I follow my heart and journey to here and there to Clay’s concerts with a buddy leaving him at home alone. (Well, I almost always have asked him to go and he says no, but now knows I will still go.)

Genius…pure genius, I so love the sound of that and I heartly second his quote. What I find really cute is that if he’s around and I’m watching the clip…well he just has to watch it again with me. (I’m not telling him this is how it starts, I’ll just continue to dangle the hook and wait for the pure genius to work it’s magic.)

It’s not just us enjoying this magically moment of pure genius either. All the different fan boards have exploded with one story after another about the comments and the Clayversions as ClayNation likes to call them. I love reading the stories, I even had my own stories to tell. All of my co-workers just loved the clip and my boss, well she was fanning herself she thought OMC looked so good. From all the positives…from the pure genius to the magical…it’s an amazing time to be a Clay fan.

Genius! Pure Genius!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Magical Moments

Last night Clay Aiken added another layer to the mystery and myth of Clay Aiken Superstar. With the nerves of steel he strolled onto the stage and shocked the Claynation, the AI5 fans in the Kodack Theatre, Ryan Secrest, the 3 judges and the TV viewing AI fans, and with the suave, debonair new look, and fanned the flames of Aiken fever to boiling HAWT! Did we mention the vox? Well it was the best on stage last night and the fans all know that. -KOK


Quality Shines Through.........

Clay Aiken's appearance last night on American Idol 5 was a masterpiece. First in showmanship, surprise (new hair), and talent. But one thing I noticed more than anything was his heart. Yes, I said heart! You can see his heart shining right out of his eyes. Just the heart of a nice, kind, loving person. He loves people and loves to sing and entertain. How I wish he could have a regular show on TV.

I hope his new album comes out soon and I hope we get to see much more of him on TV. Clay Aiken is unique! A man for the ages and for history to remember as one of the great singers of the 21st century.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Blame it on Clay.

It really is his fault. His fault that the bunch of us met on line. His fault that we met up with each other at various concerts over the last 3 years. His fault that we've spent hours yakking with each other both on line and over the phone lines. His fault that sometimes a few of us manage to have lunch together. His fault that we fell in love with that voice. His fault that he's so darn cute we fell in love with him too.

But don't blame him that we all became good friends. He may be the reason we met, but we're the ones who found kindred spirits. So stick around and have some fun with us.
Katts Krew


Clay Aiken Memories

2003, American Idol, and my TV. I was watching............I saw several pretty good singers and then saw one FANTASTIC SINGER who just kept getting better week after week. He was singing to me right from the TV in the comfort of my own home. When he sang and looked into the camara it was as if you could see what a special person he is or as I like to say you could see all the way to his heart. Can you guess who the FANTASTIC SINGER was? Clay Aiken. I became a fan of his and even voted for him and really wanted him to win.

Then the Summer of 2003 I really got in the swing. I bought magazines, made tapes of his appearances and begin to post on message boards. Message boards, I had heard of them, but had never been on one. When I went online on the "boards" it opened up a whole new world of people, places and things.

I kept following Clay's career and loved to play his tapes when I was needing to be cheered up, etc. He is a wonderful singer and has done so much for others in his short life.

Keep on singing, Clay! Clay has been one quality act and I hope he continues for a long time to come.
Thanks NH19 for your comments!

For our first proof of guilt in this debacle we offer Clay Aiken singing Open Arms.

I'm one of the ladies that have made friends with other fans of Clay Aiken. I've met some at concerts, shared hotel rooms and rides, have had some stay at my home, and have had many emails and phone calls with my new friends. I've never had so much fun in my whole (long) life!

I first noticed Clay on AI. His voice and personality drew me in at first. I thought he was "so ugly he was cute" - this was pre-make over. But looking back now, don't know where I got the "ugly" bit cause he was always cute. Now, I think he's drop dead gorgeous!

I knew I was hooked when I found myself standing alone in my living room to give him a standing ovation after his renditions of Solitaire and Unchained Melody.

I attended the AI2 concert pre-party and met lots of local-to-me fans. That was fun. Seeing him in person, and seeing the fan's reactions to him blew me away.

I then attened two of the IT shows, here in Sacramento CA and then in San Jose CA. What fun! It was at those shows that it became so apparent that Clay is a born performer.

I had never done anything like this before - but I flew to Texas to meet up with friends to see him in Houston and the next night in Grand Prarie. Again - what fun!

Once you see Clay in person, you just cannot get enough. So - I flew to Ohio, met other friends, and saw his JBT. Think that was my favorite concert of Clay's. Wow!

Last, I saw his JNT2 last November. Again - just Wow!

What I find most interesting is the fact that Clay is every bit as entertaining while just talking as when he's singing. I love his personality, his snark, and his quick wit.
Now I'm anxiously waiting for his next CD and the next tour!

I love Clay Aiken!
Thanks to KCK for her comments on the beginning.


Here's my Clay Journey........................

Because I have lived in a Music World all my life, I probably see. hear. and judge performers and musicians in a different way than others. My father was a Professor of Music and my sister and I both have degrees in Music. In other words, we lived, breathed, ate and slept Music. We were trained to listen for purity in a voice, phrasing of the music, voice control, interpretation of the music and of course the quality of the voice. Not that others don't judge these same things but in a different way I suppose. I'm not saying I'm a better judge or that I'm more qualified to judge any performer..........just saying I probably look for different things based on my training (or so I thought but then.......................)

So, the first time I heard Clay during the audition segments of Season 2, I wasn't expecting anything but the usual Pop, Rock or Country type singer. When Clay's audition tape came on, I was stunned, over-whelmed and shouting "OH MY GOD"! This voice was so unique and beyond any one I had ever heard (including opera and classical musicians). Sure Sinatra, Elvis, Barbra, and others are blessed with talent and voices, but their success to me is the style they developed and salemanship of the songs they performed. Than along came Clay.............! He had more, he had it all. An incredible voice that will never be matched in my eyes, showmanship, personality,and a genuine love for music that was God given. When he was eliminated from the Top 8, I was crushed. I didn't know about a Wildcard choice and when he made it, I eagerly awaited for Tuesday nights. Although he was not the "named" winner that season, he WAS the winner. I have never experienced such a musical journey in my life. I realize that my training has nothing to do with this sentiment we felt and feel for Clay. I have had the thrill of attending 4 of his concerts and had the pleasure of forming new friendships because of the love for Clay that we all share. What a ride and blessing. Clay is a LEGEND! Clay is a GIFT!

Thanks KTK, Clay is indeed a gift! His morals, his music, his personality all make up the man, and what a man!

Next up Clay's wildcard performance of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me."

KMK writes:
I watched AI1 religiously and knew early on that Kelly Clarkson was the winner. There was just not that much competition that could challenge her sensational voice.

I couldn't wait for AI2. As I watched, it was apparent to me that they had some really good singers this time. There were so many talented girls and guys, there was Ruuuuuuben, and lastly there was this skinny, nerdy, white guy with red hair and glasses from N. Carolina. When he spoke, he sounded like a hick from the sticks. But then it happened.........................HE SANG!

It was magic, sheer magic. Right before my eyes this "frog" turned into a handsome prince! That voice, those lips, those eyes, that smile. My heart started palpitating with excitement.

There was something very different about this frog-prince. He had a heart for the less fortunate. He saw EVERY person. He made children with disabilities laugh, and disabled ladies in wheelchairs get up and dance with him. Through watching his life and listening to his words, It changed me. I no longer use words like "retard", I see and accept that people with disabilities are just like me. They deserve to be able to struggle, work hard, and have the joy of victory and accomplishment. I've learned that a smile is a gift we should give to everyone.

Clay Aiken is one of the heroes of my heart. He is one of those people who infectiously change us forever. I believe God gave him that beautiful, captivating voice so that we would stop and listen. The voice is awesome, but that's not all there is to this man.

KWK:OK, here goes...

I began watching American Idol 1 on big band night, and I was absolutely hooked on the idea that a regular kid with a great voice and star quality would be given the opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill their dreams. I've always believed that young people are capable of so much if we as society just give them a chance.

By the time the second season rolled around, I began to see two different types of contestants: Kids who thought they fit the mold of the industry's perception of "cool" pop singers, and kids who were attractive in a normal way and just exuded talent. Those three were Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard and Kimberly Locke. Kimberly and Ruben were heavy, and Clay, though cute as a button, was rail thin, wore thick glasses, couldn't dress to save his life and had, shall we say, the most unfortunate hair. Funny thing, though--the normal kids could sing their behinds off, and the "cool" kids could not and the judges had a hard time separating their "idea" idol look from "idea" idol talent. So from the start of season 2, I was interested in a way I had not been with season 1.

As if by magic, I watched Clay Aiken's physical appearance transform. But its not like he had plastic surgery or anything: he had beautiful facial features hidden by a bad haircut, sparkling green eyes that were hidden by contacts, and a long, lean body that could wear clothes like a model. But even more so than his appearance, Clay's performing ability grew by leaps and bounds each show. Clay took every criticism that was leveled at him by the judges, no matter how nasty, and found the useful information he needed. He stopped making faces when he sang, moved around more and just blossomed. In fact, in 5 seasons of watching American Idol, I have never seen a contestants grow as a performer and artist while they were on the show the way Clay did. He simply had no limitations and could sing any genre of music not just competently, but extremely well.

And I watched the beginning of Clay's special musical artistry. To this day people who only heard Clay sing on the show can recognize his voice say, on the radio or over the speaker systems at stores. Its been like that from day one.

Although Clay should have won American Idol 2, he did not by the standards of the show. But we know now it really didn't matter because won the contest that matters in that he became American Idol's first music superstar, something winning the title alone will not get you.

It was only after the show that I learned of Clay's committment to kids in need in general, and children with a disability in particular. Only after the show did I learn that he was, for all purposes, abandoned by his birth father. Only after the show did I learn of his strong faith. Only after the show did I learn just how much he had overcome in his very young life. I found that my personal interests and beliefs were very similar to Clay's so my support for him and his causes became a given.

So, I guess you could say I came for the magical voice, and I stayed for the magical man.

Clay stole my heart the night of the wildcard performance, and I’ve been hooked ever since. That amazing voice and those piercing green eyes....What can I say? I couldn't wait for Tuesday nights. After the finale I think I wore out the VCR, watching Clay's performances over and over again. While searching the internet one afternoon looking for the release date for TITN/BOTW, I stumbled on to the Clayboard, and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s only been three short years, but it’s hard to imagine life before Clay Aiken. I’ve had the privilege of attending 7 of Clay’s concerts. I had to overcome my fear of flying to do so, as 4 of those required air travel. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t listen to Clay’s music or check the internet for Clay news. As a Clay fan I have had the opportunity to establish some of the most incredible friendships....friendships that will last a lifetime. I am so proud of Clay Aiken, the man that he has become, and all that he has accomplished in three short years. I am proud to be a supporter of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation. I am proud to be a Clay fan, and I know my heart is just going to burst with pride when he releases that new CD.

Thanks KTT22K, I know we all feel that same pride in our hearts. I cannot wait for the new cd!

Now for your viewing enjoyment. Motown Night on AI2 Sugar Pie Honey Bunch by OMC!

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